The Hidden Darkness

You say black is your favorite colour.

You say its the “colour of your soul.”

You say you can wear black everyday.

But why do you hate it when it comes to the colour of skin?

Why do you make fun of the person with the same colour you love?

Did god create us to love tshirts and not human beings?

You told your neighbor that you think a beautiful heart matters more than looks

and yet you went home and told your daughter “beta multani mitti lagale”

and yet you told your son

“beta itna bahar mat khel, kaala hojaayega”

The dark skinned 7th grader wondered

why he didn’t win the fancy dress competition.

Even though his dress was better than the winner.

Even though his moral education book said that every person should be treated equally.

Your Instagram caption is #personalityoverbeauty

and yet you refused to go out with a guy because of his dark skin.

I’m sorry this poem didn’t turn out to be one about gender equality

How’ll we end the discrimination between people with different organs

when we can’t even end the discrimination between people with different skin colour.

When’ll we stop being hypocrites

When’ll we stop classifying someone as a black person and a white person

When’ll we start considering them just a person,

just a human,

just one of us.

-Khushi K.

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